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Search Engine Optimization Types

Many people think SEO consists of having target keywords on their web page that will “optimize” their business website. This strategy called On Page SEO sometimes leads to what we call keyword “stuffing” and will get you penalized when abused. Not only is this strategy abused, it is also only half of what search engine optimization really is! You see, search engine optimization is much more that just having keywords people are looking for on you website, it is an actual social algorithm that search engines are using in order to rank you. This social algorithm grades not only your content but how other websites see you within your field of expertise. It analyzes and reads OTHER websites that mention YOUR business within their own we pages. This social interaction is called Off Page SEO and it is of supreme importance in order to rank.


So, what actually makes ON Page and Off Page SEO:


For On Page SEO you need to do the following:

-Make sure all your images are saved with relevant keywords. Add alt tag to them as well.

-Images must be mobile friendly and small in size. Google deducts points of the web page if it does not load fast enough.

1.      You can resize images to the appropriate size instead of having them be bigger than necessary this will greatly increase your page load speed.

-Make sure your schema is setup properly. You can download the plugin for Word press.

2.      Schema is important because it will structure the website in an organized way that Google will be able to understand and categorize better.

-Download the Yoast plugin for WordPress, this tool will guide you through the proper on site elements.

3.      Yoast will guide you with the titles and Meta data information for each one of your web pages, thus making it easier to categorize and read on the SERP results as well as for SEO.

For OFF Page SEO you need to do the following:

-Setup all your social accounts properly. This means there is a link to your web page on the social profile. (Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Tweeter, etc…)

1.      All socials need to have relevant and engaging content.

-Make the proper citations for your business with complete profiles and pictures. (Yelp,, Google My Business, etc…)

2.      The citations need to be complete because these results will show up when people are searching for terms relevant to your topic. Proper citations will convert better than incomplete ones.

-Join forums or blogs in order to give something back to the community and you can add your link to your website once you gain trust on some forums and blogs).

3.      When joining a forum or blog make sure you stay consistent with your topic and industry. This will greatly increase your SEO relevancy and you will be ahead of the game rather than commenting on participating in non-relevant forums. Relevancy is the name of the game.

In order to perform proper SEO on you website, you need to a digital marketing agency to stay up to date with latest trends in SEO.

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