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Hey I’m Jorge Lafosse, owner of  Searcheclipse.com, the premier Internet Marketing and SEO Agency in Fort Lauderdale and Plantation Florida according to the real Google search engines.



Our latest SEO strategies make your business raise above the competition when searched through sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Social media is no longer kids play. Now a days it has become one of the highest lead generators for businesses.  Social media optimization lets you reach the correct audience for better customer conversion.

Reputation Management

Don’t let one bad review drive customers away. Make sure your business is always viewed as a reputable company of the highest standards.

Web Design

Web Design with the customer in mind. We ensure you web page is fully optimize to provide ease of use and full engagement with the customer. All Web Design is optimized for SEO.

We can help you dominate your competition. Have a look at what just a few business owners and CEOs, who are speaking out about Search Eclipse and Jorge Lafosse are saying.

SEO Testimonials

  • Jorge's SEO methods and skills guarantee #1 placement of any business on Google. I have seen him grow business and revenue that companies and owners never thought they could achieve! Highly recommended!

    Sang Uk Park
    Sang Uk Park
  • I loved working with Jorge. His forward thinking with SEO and Social Media Marketing inspired me. There are good humans out there; people committed to helping businesses grow and Jorge is one of them.

    Mzz Indhi
    Mzz Indhi
  • If your looking for seo Jorge is hands down one of the best seos on the planet I have the upmost respect for his intuition and his ability to always stay ahead of the curve.

    Khyren Titsworth
    Khyren Titsworth
  • Jorge Lafosse is far above the rest! He has shown that he’s on top of the market by analyzing the upcoming new trends, experimenting with new processes to keep higher results and always keeping his customers' best interest in mind.

    Jum Kim
    Jum Kim
  • Had the pleasure to work with Jorge on an SEO project that needed to be taken further than ever. The business owner is more than impressed with the growth of the company. The growth was exponential once he applied his technical skills and methods to the website. You will not be dissapointed EVER with his results!

    Vincent zu Dohna
    Vincent zu Dohna
  • Consider your company extremely lucky if you have Jorge as your SEO consultant. Today, with Ads, Social Media Sites, Email Marketing, etc, it can very confusing to how go about it. Let Jorge take care of you! With his knowledge and techniques, his systems are uniquely tailored to each of his clients for each business is different. He put my company on the top of my competitors, and the ROI was exponential! Jorge has integrity and it shows through his business. Highly recommend!

    Harley Lara
    Harley Lara
  • Jorge has a stellar reputation in the world of digital marketing and lead generation, I highly recommend!

    Ben Vangarde
    Ben Vangarde
  • Jorge is a master at SEO and digital marketing. For any local business that needs help with their brand online, I highly recommend Jorge and his team at Search Eclipse. He has the knowledge and skills to build up and protect business' online reputation, which continues to become more and more important. He is great to work with and delivers excellent results.

    Helmut Hampton
    Helmut Hampton

We’re a little bit different than the other SEO “agencies” because we do the work ourselves. We don’t outsource and we don’t have a ton of extra expenses from having a bunch of needless overhead that doesn’t benefit you. So you’re getting the opportunity to get the same (or better!) advantage that the big boys get at a fraction of the cost.

And yet we get dominating results!

But let’s talk about what this means for you.

Because chances are, if you are looking at this page now, you are one of the top brands or businesses in your field, and you both want and deserve greater authority and visibility in Google. The issue is, as far as Google is concerned, you “deserve” rankings about as much as a person going through our legal system.

What I mean is if you go to represent yourself in a SERIOUS legal matter, or if you choose the wrong lawyer to help you, then God help you.

Well, it turns out Google is the same way.

That has been my experience anyway. And who you choose to blaze the way in Google is the same as “Deserves” as far as the big G is concerned.

If you qualify as one of the leaders in quality on your field, and you are committed to taking your Google presence to the next level, fill out our Discovery Form below.

You qualify if you’re already spending at least $4,000 per month on advertising and seeking to get real and fact based results.

Listen, hiring an SEO expert is a lot like hiring a car mechanic because there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that are outside of your view and your expertise. You need to find somebody you can feel confident in.

For instance, you probably realize you want to take advantage of the powerful Web 2.0 sites that are socially driven like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Pinterest, and so many others. But how do you do it? And who has the time to make it all come together wonderfully?

(Please note: A big question on the minds of customers is ethical SEO practices. You can find out more about how to stay on the cutting edge without crossing the line here!)

Our Private Network Of High-Quality News Sites

A key factor when it comes to ranking is what high-quality websites are linking back to you! Most SEO agencies take one of two routes…either they outsource low-quality spam links from India and the Philippines, or they go with low power links that won’t get you in trouble…but they also won’t get you RESULTS.

We take the road less traveled. Going back for years we’ve been developing a high-quality network of news sites that provide high-quality information to readers all over the world. We get the links that will go to your website from these news sites, which we own exclusively.

Think about it, what’s better – advertising with the Wall Street Journal…or hiring people on the streets of Las Vegas to hand out business cards for you? It’s no contest! Wall Street Journal has a much better reputation with readers!

In the same way, we provide your site with the prestige and power that comes from high quality, high visibility news links. This is an advantage that nobody else has to offer.

Advertisers paid Google over $40 BILLION dollars in 2013 to get the word out for their business. And we can get you the same high-quality visitors that folks pay Google a fortune for at a small fraction of the cost.

Plus we can provide you with high-quality web design, marketing consulting and much, much more.

If you have a company or business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, SEO services are rather essential to help your business to grow and prosper. SEO has, for a long time now, been an essential part of online advertising and the majority of large businesses have already incorporated it into their marketing strategy.

Small business owners may not be entirely clear on the benefits of online advertising, let alone the importance of SEO, but they do need to explore their SEO options so you don’t get left behind and so you can get lots of new visitors from Google.

Search engines assist people in finding answers to simple queries on the Internet such as the location of a favorite restaurant in your area or a decent home decorator. By typing specific keywords into a search engine, individuals have accesses to numerous results arrange in order of importance or relevance to the keywords entered.

The search engines like Google drive the internet. Basically, search engine optimization helps people find information on the Internet by using reference words or keywords. We want to help you DOMINATE the search engines and get TONS of new customers…we want your phone to ring off the hook with qualified excellent customers!

If you want to be #1 in the real Google search engines, please fill out our discovery form to get started.

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

– Bill Gates
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